"Lady Maggie's Lilt"
Music from C17th Scotland.
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"Intimations of mortality whisper through the music of 'Lady Maggie's Lilt'..... it's a beautiful, often joyful collection which alternates between Scottish and French suites of songs and dances by the likes of Jacques Gaultier, René Mesangeau and Anon. Eastwell is a fine lutenist with an expansive imagination and much of the music is enlivened by his own improvised preludes and ornaments."
The Gramophone, September 2013

"Martin Eastwell is a thoughtful unfussy guide, and the intimacy of his playing is captured in a recording that leaves the listener feeling like a favoured eavesdropper."

Performance  ★★★★
Recording      ★★★★
BBC Music Magazine, July 2013

"This charming collection.....played beautifully by Martin Eastwell on a wonderful sounding 12 course lute....a fascinating insight into the musical tastes that surrounded the Scottish court at the time... a wonderfully soothing antidote to modern living."
The Epoch Times, March 2013

"...attractive, often deeply moving music that is beautifully played."
Music Web International

"...... a mesmerising lutenist who brings out every little nuance and detail from these often elusive works....a must for all enthusiasts of the lute."
The Classical Reviewer

The Corbie and the Pigot-Wemyss Lute Book

Faire and Loucky

Almand - Rene Mesangeau (c.1575-1630)

Coming soon...

A new recording of English and Continental lute music of the early 17th Century, from the Lutebook of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury (brother of the poet George Herbert). Due for release early in  2017!

John Dowland (1563-1626) - Galliard upon a Galliard of Daniel Batchelar

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